Time is the biggest sacrifice 

It’s too easy to be materialistically driven and to buy someone a present to show them how much they mean to you. When you give someone your time and your word, this can mean so much more because you’re in the present moment with another person, exchanging stories and learning in your own energy field. Every time we listen to another person we are learning, so that’s why from a young age you are taught to listen – it is very good practice for life indeed.

As I’ve got older I’ve realised it’s all about the little things and not so much the big things. I would prefer to spend my birthday with my closest family and friends, doing memorable things and laughing endlessly rather than receiving 20 gifts from people because when you look back as you get older, I can almost guarantee it’ll be the moments that you remember and not the present’s people buy you. Do they really make you happy? That’s why someone giving me a card puts the biggest smile on my face because his or her word is very important to me. I think it’s the biggest thing anyone can give you is their word.

So give your time to those you care about and love. Be in the moment with them, it could be one of the best memories of your life.

When you think you’re in love but…

It’s after you find true love that you realise what you thought was love before was just practice and an experience for you learn from, grow from as an individual and find out even more what it is you truly want and deserve in your life-long partner. Love is what each and every one of us craves without even realising and it comes in many forms. For example you have friendship love, family love, soul mate love. It gives us life and makes us feel a sense of belonging, and instantly it gives our life a purpose. Another beautiful thing about love is the act of being vulnerable and opening up our hearts and trusting another being. By all means it’s not easy and it takes a lot of courage to give someone a key to your heart, but it is very rewarding and can, in some cases, change your life.

There has been many times where I have completely believed that what I felt would last a lifetime, but then out of nowhere, I get disappointed. It’s very easy for someone to let you down and it can destroy you into little pieces, but a lot of the time these moments and challenges are supposed to happen so that you can learn from them; making you stronger. But just remember to count your blessings and love is a big part of that. So embrace it and treasure it. And when you find it, do your best to never let it go. If things start to break down, don’t give up too easily. Be willing to fix it because deep down, you know it’s worth it.

Be in your own creative space 

Sometimes it’s good to get away and escape the world and be on your own for a while. We can have a mental block and feel that we are unable to focus on what we are doing, run out of ideas and become brain-dead. A lot of the time all this needs to rectify a situation like this one is to ‘be in your own creative space’. Do what makes you feel good and arouse those positive feelings. That may be from listening to your favourite music or watching a documentary that really inspires you, and before you know it you’re on a creative, productive spiral and the achievements can be endless during this period.

As all human beings are connected, when we put ourselves around negative energy this often has an effect on our energy too; subconsciously. That’s why they say ‘association breeds similarity’; we are whom we associate with. The mentality, that I believe to be the right mentality, is to believe that it is better to die of exhaustion than it is of boredom, at least you know then that you’ve lived an interesting life that you set out to fulfil your purpose.

If my mind feels a bit foggy and I don’t know what to do with myself I find meditation helps me the most. Or close your eyes and pray, write down your solutions to the problems you feel that you face rather than focusing purely on the problems and what’s wrong. Change your perception and see the badness, as an experience, and that you need to go through it in order to come out the better side. It’s part of life’s wonderful balance.

How do we know what is and what isn’t? 

All that we know is what we’ve been told so we believe it as truth but is it the truth? All we know is what we live and how we experience our life. So should we be so focused on history? Yes to know where we are going it’s good to know where you come from, but does it really build on our knowledge and make us wiser and more prepared for the future?

Those in power are dominated by the elite, so when only 4% of the population are rich and those in government are rich also, it can be guessed that most policies and rulings are very biased indeed. This isn’t fair for the general public and makes it difficult for the poor to even escape this sector as the system is designed to keep us there. If the truth could be said, the rich don’t want the poor to be richer, so they can continue to reap the benefits and stay above everyone else. What needs to change is the mind-set of humanity and our people need to believe in the power of our thoughts and the positive things we can do with them. Thoughts become reality, fact. No matter how bad it may be right now, it can change in an instant if you believe.

Everything we are taught throughout our whole lives is believed by us by the power of suggestion. Teachers and people who give out knowledge through school, college and university for example, is a curriculum that has been accepted by those in power. But who are they, really? It’s frustrating to know that the arts, for example, are taken less seriously than say Maths or English. Why do they not encourage creativity more? Why is a BA Journalism degree less credible than a BA English Literature one?

So how do we really know what is and what isn’t, and what isn’t biased on the news? It’s very difficult to fully believe anything we see on TV or in the media in general, so we have to have an open mind and an open heart and dig deeper. Only one person knows the truth and that is you, based on your life experiences and bank of knowledge so always trust your instinct! It rarely gets it wrong.

Be your best critic 

I find it very difficult when I see someone reading my work directly in front of me. All of a sudden I find myself cringing and praying to the Lord that they like it. I get afraid of judgement (although this cannot be helped at all, we all form an instant judgement), but I fear of upsetting people, offending them in any way or simply just disappointing them with my style and wording.

It wasn’t until not so long ago when I realised just how brave it is to become your own very best critic. Look inside yourself and read your work. What do you really think of it and does it read easily? Would you get frustrated if you were picking it up for the very first time? All of these questions can help someone to improve their work, before spontaneously publishing a piece of work or broadcasting to the world on YouTube.

Most people find it hard to accept constructive criticism, but what I only come to grips with recently is that unless we make mistakes we can never grow and learn as a person. So why don’t we just go for it, and if we do mess up so what? I’m sure on the next time you wont make the same mistake.

So before trying to desperately show your work to someone else or sending it to a friend for acceptance and/or feedback, strip down your own work. Read it once, read it twice if you have to. Whatever it may be; play it back over and over if it is music, or read aloud your poetry to a pretend audience while recording it, watch it back, how does it make you feel? Become your very own critic and watch your life transform, and really, we all have the answers deep down inside of us. We don’t need to ask anyone else. All it takes is a little patience.

Passion is the main driving force 

This guy that I know has such a huge aura of passion I can feel his energy from a mile off. I admire that about him, he speaks with such dignity, confidence and belief, that every word that comes out of his mouth I cannot help but to feel inspired. And that’s what I think is missing in a lot of our society.

To be a good public speaker, speaking with passion can make the world of a difference. Connect with the crowd, they’re not strangers, they are human beings just like you and me waiting for that connection to bring them closer to you even if they are miles apart.

‘It’s all about the little things’ is a common, over-used phrase but it definitely defines so much about life. You can make such a huge impact to somebody else’s day just by blessing them with “have a lovely day”. Or you could hold open a door for a stranger, help them with a bag or lend a person a pen if you seen them searching through their bag for one.

If you carry passion with you on every step you take throughout your life it will be very hard to go wrong. Passion is a positive emotion and will only attract more positive situations and people into your life. So keep the passion high, know your goals and have your reason of ‘why’ you’re doing something right at the forefront of your mind if you ever get close to doubt.

Media publications create moral panic

It’s very easy to get drawn into what the media is saying and it’s very scary what sort of effect this can have on us and the human race more broadly. Do people not see entertainment as a distraction? Of course it’s great to have the relaxation time when it’s absolutely okay to zone out and shut off from the world after work, but when people make a ritual of it and wake up every morning to hear the ‘bad news’ that loves to create moral panic among society, this cannot be good for anyone’s mental health which is why we need to protect our identities.