Live a life you design

“Your life is your book, write it the way you want it.”

It’s a beautiful thing when you see the world through the eyes of different generations, picking up different perceptions from different sorts of people from different ethnicities, ages and social backgrounds. That’s where travelling has definitely assisted me in my journey, making me a much broader person. And that’s why I’d encourage travelling for ANYONE!

We need to think: what did our forefathers teach us in ancient buildings throughout the world and where did society go wrong for us to all be so disconnected from one another? Life a life you design, you craft, even if everyone else around you is doing something different don’t worry – do things the way you wish and stand out from the crowd, because being different is a beautiful trait to encompass.

And that’s the main point from this post: be you, because there is only one of you and write your life, life your life the way you want and count your blessings every single day.

Being grateful will only attract more goodness into your existence :)


What would you tell your younger self?

Wouldn’t it be great to begin life old and get younger as the years went on? Imagine how much fun we’d have if it went that way, but unfortunately, it’s not so great. This is why we have to make the most of what we have right in front of us – stop wanting what we can’t have and know the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. So many of us look for a place of stability, when in fact, it’s right in front of our very eyes.

Now it’s so noticeable to see the younger generation wishing their life away, and I’m a victim of that statement too. When I was 17 I used to say “I can’t wait until I’m 18, then I can drink and go into clubs.” Always wishing our life away, but shouldn’t we be doing the opposite? If we think about it, the stretch of our life when we’re young is much shorter than when we are old. We enter the adult world and are in for a very long time, say after 21. So we are only young and juvenile for a short period of our life, with little or no responsibilities yet we take everything for granted! If I could tell my younger self anything it would be to BE A CHILD and stop growing up too fast. Stop straightening hair and applying a ton of makeup to try and look older, look like a kid, be a kid and have fun as a kid.

Because that’s what life is really about – taking every day as it comes and accepting our current position, because if we continuously rush life past us, we will never find happiness. When really, there is happiness right here, right now.

An insightful perception and thoughtful inspiration

An intelligent lady I know shared her views of the world, and ways in which I can guide myself and others through consciousness. Like many things in this world, the premise is on focus and awareness, and with both of these elements the world can be shaped into our own destiny, we can form our own path and our thoughts become our reality.

So here is some insight into her outlook, a very inspirational figure, indeed:

Consciousness is harmonious for the soul and once we are at peace with ourself, we can be at peace with others. It starts from within.

Our soul will live forever whether we know it or not, our energy field is all around us which is why we automatically connect (or not) with Others.

The precious gifts of a physical life…we’re a soul spirit put into this body to do something with our life, everything on the outside is just an illusion. What really counts is what’s inside.

We have to understand our spirit, understand ourselves. Don’t focus and crave physical material, it doesn’t really make us happy…it may last for a moment but it’ll make us feel empty. Time is the best thing you can give someone. Make memories. Live, laugh, love; as they say.

We have to heal yourself first and be nice to our self. Enjoy the twenties…the world is there for us at our fingertips. Don’t rush life and don’t take it too seriously. Appreciate every day!

Cultivate with clear thinking patience and reflection. What are our heart’s deepest desires? Ideal dream life? For example, is it studying a Masters or selling plant food in Costa Rica? Anything is possible.

Don’t be too robotic and machine-like. We don’t always have to follow a structure, having free will and living off spontaneity can be one of life’s greatest blessings and big opportunities can stem from this attitude. Sometimes we need to stand still and be silent.

For me as a writer: write prolifically and make it my craft. Master my craft to then share with others.

Geneva, Switzerland

There’s Magic In The Mountains At Geneva

10 Swiss Snaps To Steal Your Heart

Switzerland is a picturesque country with spectacular scenery and lots to do. From the beautiful Christmas lights to the exquisite restaurants, the heart of the Geneva City will capture you, for sure.

Jet d’Eau is Geneva’s famous large fountain that stands out from miles away! It is an iconic landmark, attracting tourists from all over the world. No wonder why.


Surrounded by nature and all of its beauty, Lake Geneva at night will take your breath away. The Christmas lights compliment it too, adding the perfect sparkle to your night.


Does this tree fascinate you, just a bit? Thought so. This tall broad tree stood in the heart of Geneva, giving it an extra ‘cultural edge’. Just admirable.


Can you see what I can see in the far distance? That’s right, it’s a mountain with snow on top! (Not the average view in a hotel!) So appreciate Geneva’s mountainous views.


That tree is back…and they light up, in every colour! What a treat, while enjoying a nice stroll along the tranquil and fresh streets of Geneva.


Geneva’s Harbour is pure bliss, to say the least. This is a romantic spot but also works well for some alone time to just ‘be’. Or to enjoy a cruise. The possibilities here are endless.



Ignore the chilling looking sky; check out that boat with the Swiss flag at the bow! I guess this is one way to show off cultural heritage in style!


This is just a glimpse of the mind-blowing Christmas lights that surround the city. Lights, lights and more lights. It will certainly light up your life being there…


To say that the Swiss food is to-die-for would be an understatement. As many other countries surround Switzerland, the diverse food choices will suit every need.



Don’t leave Geneva without going ice-skating! Situated in the core of Parc des Bastions, the nature around you may just make you slip on the ice (but don’t worry, it’ll be worth it)!


When you get asked the scary question

As a 22-year-old girl reaching the end of a university degree, times can get pretty tough as the end of the final semester is just a mere corner away. This will probably be the most, in-fact I know it will be THE most hardest semester of my three years at university, so I definitely need to prepare myself for it.

So what do I have to do? Well I have my beautiful, 12-thousand word Dissertation to write, an Investigative Journalism module to complete and an Individual Project which counts as 30% towards my Final Project to work on. At this moment in time, I’m probably doing the least I have EVER done as all my past work adventures have now come to a close. But this is good news for me – as it frees up my time a little more. I can concentrate on my studies with full throttle, and that’s exactly what I plan to do.

University is certainly a tough ride but it is very, very rewarding. Not only do you meet an abundance of new friends and form new professional connections, but you also walk away with a DEGREE. How cool does that sound? And very impressive to add. One of the biggest selling points for me was to make my parents proud, my family and my loved ones. To be able to pass down the legacy and good intentions to your children, and show them that cute little photo of you wearing that big black hat. It’s something to be proud of.

However one thing that is stressing me out at the moment is that little question that continuously creeps up. The one that most parents and people that care about you tend to ask. That curious question that looms over your head for months, but as you reach near the end, the question actually matters more than EVER before.

What are you doing after university, when you graduate? Have you got a job lined up?

WHAT?! Before I knew it, my journey as a student at university is actually starting to end (ironically) and the seriousness of the real world becomes extremely scary. It is frightening, to know that you now have to enter the big bad world…on your own.

The way I have dealt with it recently- because I have been very stressed out even with the bear thought of the question  -is to take every day as it comes. This is the final hurdle for me now before I graduate and submit my last bits of work, so I really need to focus. I don’t need to worry or stress myself out with worrying about a job, a career and future plans. I just need to worry about my university work, the stuff that matters RIGHT NOW. Over the summer I will decide my future direction, as right now, I just don’t know where I want to go. With a travelling ambition it’s pretty difficult for me to stay in one place (and those that know me would definitely agree), so I think making this decision is my best option.

So for now, wish me the best of luck!!

Benefits of opening up your spiritual side

Being known as a spiritual person many may think is something to not brag about. Many people I speak to about it say that a lot of stigma is attached to the idea, thus putting many people off. However, I realised while travelling the world just how many more doors were opening up to me just by having an open heart, appreciating the moments I was in (not rushing away my time) and connecting to energy around me. It’s so easy to allow other people’s energy to rub off on you – whether that be for the good or for the bad, so it’s important we protect ourselves.

I find that when I meditate or even pray in bed at night I find that my mind offers me new ideas and solutions to my problems that were otherwise not there. Have faith, have a warm heart and always be nice to people, then you will never go wrong in life!!

Something I recommend to anyone while travelling is to travel write. For me, it really allowed me to express myself and learn about other cultures. Not only that, but I could share my experiences with the world and others would be educated by my explorations, which is a great bonus.

If society were run by community rather than a governed system full of rules and boundaries, everyone would probably be a lot more spiritual. It’s about accepting your friend, family or even stranger for who they are, or who they want to be. Give them space to breath and be – we should never try to change a person.

So open up your heart and your mind and don’t restrict yourself to this world’s beautiful and amazing possibilities. We need to make history as a person, even if that means leaving a family legacy behind.

Your life is your book – so write it the way you want it. :)

Plans for the New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! I have been a little quiet lately…lots has been going on, so it’s been pretty difficult keeping up with my blog. But now I’m back! It’s so inspirational to know that despite my lack of inactivity, I have views from all over the world every day – so thank you so much for your loyalty :)

So what are you plans for the New Year? Make some big ones – 2016 is going to be a special year. For me – it’s about graduating and finding myself properly this year. I love to travel so I will definitely be doing more of that, and I plan to work on my book that I have been procrastinating over for so long now. There really is so much I want to achieve this year, but that’s what makes life interesting and exciting: goal setting. Nothing is ever too big, only what you say is too big. The only boundaries we endure are the ones we set ourselves, so don’t be harsh on yourself. Believe in you!

Lets hope that this year will bring lots of good news. Focus on the good things rather than the bad. Together we will all have a great year.

Gem xoxo