Media publications create moral panic

It’s very easy to get drawn into what the media is saying and it’s very scary what sort of effect this can have on us and the human race more broadly. Do people not see entertainment as a distraction? Of course it’s great to have the relaxation time when it’s absolutely okay to zone out and shut off from the world after work, but when people make a ritual of it and wake up every morning to hear the ‘bad news’ that loves to create moral panic among society, this cannot be good for anyone’s mental health which is why we need to protect our identities.


BBC Online Work Experience and Press Association at the Royal Courts of Justice

Over the last month or so I have been working toward building up my CV and getting references to prove and show for my degree.

As I’m studying BA Journalism at the University of Westminster I thought it would be a good idea to do some work experience now, just before I enter my third year of university.

BBC Radio Suffolk was a fantastic experience and I worked in the BBC Online department. I spent the week in Ipswich and travelled there for 2 hours every day, but it was definitely worth it. I learned a lot and got published online.

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Toward the end of my experience I spent some time in the radio studies and built some more connections there.

The team in the office was so friendly and I could tell they had really tight relationships. It was the sort of environment I would like to work in.

Press Association at the Royal Courts of Justice was a different experience altogether – visiting the courts all day and writing up from Press Releases. I worked alongside a more traditional journalist so this was a different perspective on Journalism again.

One thing I can take away from both experiences is just how important it is to have a set of versatile skills and not to just stick to ‘what you know best’. It is important to adapt and shift across different platforms, and having great social skills while being polite and sweet helps to make a good impression also.

Amazing experiences.

The Ireland experience 

As you have probably guessed now, I love nothing more than to travel and see the world we live in. Ever since I was a little 6-weeks-old I travelled to Ireland with my grandparents to visit their family. It has been a different experience every time, especially when I compare how different it was when I was below a teenager to now being above 20-years-old. You see things with a different perspective as you get older, and I noticed this time more than ever before just how beautiful Ireland is.

June 5-8th I went to Cork with my other half and my grandparents and I was blown away by the scenery, just like I usually am every time I go back. It’s so fresh in Ireland and the accents are adorable. The usual procedures of my trip took place – check in to a lush hotel, visit loads of houses, eat lots of food, drink lots of tea and eat more food. And just when you THINK you’re full up, you visit another house and you get offered a lot more food and huge pot of tea. I mean, coming from me this is an amazing thing. I am a huge tea fan, so I could never say no to another. But by the end of the trip I think I was fully satisfied.

We stayed at the Quality Hotel in Clonakilty and it was stunning. It was a 5* leisure park that including fantastic facilities for the children and evening entertainment. One of my favourite parts of the hotel was its spa facilities, and the scenic views that could be enjoyed outside the restaurant area. The food was excellent and I was pretty shocked at the portion sizes. I found out while in Ireland that in 5 years time, over 50% of the Irish population will be clinically obese if the food portions and dietary habits continue as it is. Worrying!

Our trip was only short and sweet but I enjoyed it for the first time with my partner and it was special. When you take someone else to a new place you almost feel like you become the tour guide, and you enjoy the journey once again but through their eyes. The excitement rocketed and I felt his curious energy about the country.

I would definitely recommend anyone to visit Ireland. It’s such a beautiful country it’ll be hard to find any disappointment.

We can only speculate on what the politicians tell us

Do you ever think that the media and those in power tell the public exactly what we want to hear? There has been so many times where I have watched the news and felt such a big level of fear and afterwards I actually feel scared of the world. Undoubtedly it’s essential for the public interest and I am all for the journalism of news telling, but what seems frustrating is the lack of focus on positive news. How about inspiring the viewers/readers instead of always telling them what’s wrong (is what I often ask myself)?

I always tell my loved ones around me to be careful about what impacts their life as without realising, the messages we absorb every single day certainly shape us as individuals. It’s about time people began to think with their hearts and not with their head, because there would be such a huge transition if this thinking process changed on a mass scale.

If you imagined that for one day we ‘floated’ (and those who can spiritually connect and protect their energy are able to do this) and we went with what was rather than what our head was telling us to do. Imagine not actually worrying about things and just intuitively following your life on this planet earth, enjoying nature and all of the positive energy from meditation. This would completely replenish the soul and take anybody away from distractions that make us so distant from one another. Disconnection is a huge part of destruction between our beings, as what most people don’t even realise is that we are all connected and are all part of the same energy source.

All that is meant by the title of this post is that it’s about time more of us started to think for ourselves rather than consuming and believing everything we hear, see and read. If we lived our life experience with our own hearts and souls, and thought/acted less with our heads, I’m pretty sure most of us would feel a bigger sense of inner-peace. So one of the key messages here is that everything starts from within, and if you want to make the difference like I so desperately do, then grow and build on that inner-peace and watch the world around you harmoniously coincide.

Gain more consciousness in your life – it’s a rewarding journey.

“The system doesn’t want you to change”

When you think about categorisation many things spring to mind, but when you look a little further it’s actually quite scary when you consider just how robotic we have all become. ‘Patience is a virtue’ is an overused phrase but actually very relevant to human beings. If you look at the underground or on the motorway, I would say the majority of people are in a rush and the world is just passing them by. It’s possible that days feel like second because people forget or don’t know how to live in the present moment.

When looking at the system and how things are taught to us and categorised, it scares me, thinking that creativity is not fully being encouraged in the younger generation. Why is it little time is being spent teaching music to people and art? And more focus is being placed on ‘academic’ stuff.

People are afraid to enter a creative industry and do what they love because they’re taught ‘not much money will be made from that’. Self-fulfilling prophecy – if you tell somebody they can’t do something, even if they can, after a while they will start to believe that they actually can’t and that’s why incantations are so powerful to introduce . By saying a positive statement every day it becomes believable and then comes true. ‘What you think is what you become.’ No matter what you want out of life if you believe in it enough you can be and achieve ANYTHING. If you tell yourself and assure yourself you are the best at a particular thing, magical shifts will occur in your life – I promise you.

So believe in your opinion and follow your heart but remember that your intuition is there for a reason. There is nothing more expensive  than a graveyard full of lost dreams that people never acted upon. If we follow our dreams and persist in what we want, we can be in sync and harmony with ourselves.

See, Ask, Believe, Achieve

‘Profit making’ and the six human needs

There are six human needs in this world, as told by Tony Robins, and they are love/connection, growing, certainty, uncertainty/variety, significance and contribution. I watched and learned on one of Bob Proctors online videos that abundance is when life gives you happiness and fulfilment in all areas, and not just focusing on what most of us to believe to be the most important thing in this world: money. New things come out all the time to keep people on that material treadmill; to keep people buying and this is all a form of capitalisation and profit-making for the rich. Is this why the rich stay rich and the poor stay poor? Is there really an equal distribution of wealth? These businesses are exceedingly clever, no doubt, and every iPhone release (for example) is tactical in pulling in the customers from all over the world to buy their latest iPhone with one/two added features. People simply get too sucked in. When I travelled to Africa last year to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, I spent some time in Tanzania and Zanzibar and studied the African culture for what it was. I found it admiring when I saw young children with no shoes on, wearing clothes far too small for them and women with big water basins on their head walking peacefully back to their local village – it made me realise just how far the UK culture has come and we really do have so much more than them. What I questioned when I was there however, are these people happier than us? The local children I spoke to and came in contact with were so happy and couldn’t stop smiling at me, they communicated with their family and friends so peacefully (without any stress/tension) and I simply couldn’t relate this to anything I had ever previously come across. So is this what we should be remembering in our Western world?

So to break down the human needs, it’s clear that in life everybody is looking for that special someone to share their world with; their partner, their soul mate and even best friend. We are all looking to grow as an individual, which is usually met by doing what we love and enjoy. Sometimes it may take for us to push ourselves much further than we had anticipated, because when we are challenged in life it’s only part of our journey. Whether the outcome is good or bad, equally we are blessed with another worthy life experience. We know what to do or not to do next time. Stability/certainty is another thing that we crave. Having that reassurance puts our mind and wellbeing at ease, ensuring us that we are on the right pathway doing what we are supposed to. Where uncertainty comes into it is the ‘surprise’ element that can quite often blow us away and leave us shocked/lost for words. When life runs in a predictable way it can become boring, so this is a part of us that we should be aware of. To feel significant is to feel important in some shape or form. It can be through recognition (that many of us crave in our job roles) or even by our family and friends who grow up alongside us. Contribution is very explanatory – how good does it feel to give without expecting receiving back? It is always an added bonus to commit to volunteering projects; whether that be at the local zoo or for the nearby care home. So focus on the six basic human needs and ensure that whatever you’re doing in your life right now, however you may be living it, that you aim to fulfil those very important essentials that we all need and aspire to possess.