Inspiring and teaching the younger generation

“We are taught and our duty as we get older is to give back and teach the lessons we learned when we was young.”

You know those things that as we get older, we kind of wish we had known ‘this’ or known ‘that’. That thought alone is what makes me feel the need to share all of those things that we wished we had once known, to the upcoming generations…to then set an example.

It’s about leaving behind a legacy, right? Even when we think about how much we learn from our life experiences – the highs and the lows – the times that make us cry and feel that all has crashed, like there is no sunshine over the rain. But there always is, it’s just hard to see it at the time, sometimes, that’s all:-)

The younger generation can create a future of freedom, of opportunities and most importantly, of happiness. So if you haven’t thought about teaching, even the smallest of things like how to cook, how to spell and read or how to meditate – please think about it. Giving back to others is one of the most rewarding and most beautiful things any person can do. Don’t hold yourself back from what you can offer to the world because everything you can give will be valuable and worth it to another being.

There’s no such thing as a stranger. It’s just a friend you haven’t met yet.

TODAY is a special day – inspiration

Today is a special day.

Life is beautiful and ought to be appreciated every day! Don’t take it for granted…

Climb mountains, be spontaneous and be the best version of you to impact this world, for the better!! 

Don’t hold back from what you love, live and follow your dreams. 


The summer is coming!

Hallelujah!! The summer is almost here and what an exciting time of the year it is. Instantly I can witness more smiling faces, more laughter in the workplace, and certainly much less moaning (about the weather, most of the time stemmed from the stereotypical British mentality!). However, the summer fills us with so much joy and energy – it’s amazing what bad weather really does do to us, and how much it affects our mood.

Of course, we cannot forget about the media and how bad the societal situation is, not just in our own country but in so many countries all over the world…for example, the heartbreaking refugee crisis that we’re always reminded of. Every day we are reminded by the hardships so many people endure and what their fate supplies them with, but really, what can WE do to help? The government doesn’t really listen to us, but of course, we CANNOT give up trying. That’s why being an activist and getting involved to help a refugee camp or just one person’s life by volunteering – you are making a difference. But don’t let it flood your mind and take over your thoughts because true happiness starts from within.

This is why my motto in life is that you cannot change the world, but you can make it a better place if you can make someone’s day, every day. That can be by doing the simplest of things, like holding the door open for someone or saying please and thank you to complete and utter complete strangers. Or being positive in a negative situation, wiping away the tears and giving your best friend a hug when they’re going through a tough time.

Whatever it may be, you CAN make a difference. Even if it’s through your words, (the ones that are filled with wisdom and positivity), because guess what….what you speak about you bring about, and all of the Greats in this world have said the same thing.

So do it today – make a difference – express yourself, share your kindness, share your wisdom. Whatever it may be…we all have the capability to do it. 

Where I’m at 

It’s so hard knowing what you want. In life we’re thrown so many opportunities. So many different doors open, and equally, so many doors shut. Do I do that and give up that? Do I listen to that person? But something many of us fails to do is to listen to ourselves. Listen to our hearts.

This is why it’s important sometimes to take that ‘leap of faith’ into thin air, into a world full of unknowns. Be crazy, spontaneous and live life a little, because you never know where that might lead to.

As I’m coming to the end of my degree it’s natural to panic, it tends to be the thing most students go through when being faced with the daunting question “what is it you’re doing next?”

Well my answer is simple. I don’t know. But I know wherever I end up, it’ll be where I need to be, with who I need to be with…but one thing is for sure, I will never give up chasing my dream of being an author. And that is certified!

I am excited for what the next chapter holds – and to be honest – I’m pretty nervous too! But that’s what makes life challenging, stimulating and life-learning, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Your instinct knows what you want

‘Listen to your stomach, your gut, it never lies.’ Someone said this to me recently, and it couldn’t be more true. When we listen to our head we’re crowded with fear, anxiousness and troubles that we all get caught up with on a day-to-day basis; but when we trust our instinct, it’s our spirituality within us guiding us the right way. It’s like when you’re in the car and your driving down the street, not sure where to go, but something pulls you towards a certain direction; and it’s usually the right way.

Trust. Your. Instinct. It knows what you want! After all, your head is being filled up with everyone else’s opinions who don’t know you best. The person that knows you best is you – don’t forget that. It’s a similar situation with love: before loving someone else we have to love ourself – otherwise how can we expect someone else to love a person that not even that person can come to terms with who they are? It’s impossible – or it’s not, but it will certainly lead to destruction.

So follow your heart and your destiny will unfold the way it’s supposed to. Meditate and shut your eyes, ask for the answers – they will come.

Live a life you design

“Your life is your book, write it the way you want it.”

It’s a beautiful thing when you see the world through the eyes of different generations, picking up different perceptions from different sorts of people from different ethnicities, ages and social backgrounds. That’s where travelling has definitely assisted me in my journey, making me a much broader person. And that’s why I’d encourage travelling for ANYONE!

We need to think: what did our forefathers teach us in ancient buildings throughout the world and where did society go wrong for us to all be so disconnected from one another? Life a life you design, you craft, even if everyone else around you is doing something different don’t worry – do things the way you wish and stand out from the crowd, because being different is a beautiful trait to encompass.

And that’s the main point from this post: be you, because there is only one of you and write your life, life your life the way you want and count your blessings every single day.

Being grateful will only attract more goodness into your existence:)


What would you tell your younger self?

Wouldn’t it be great to begin life old and get younger as the years went on? Imagine how much fun we’d have if it went that way, but unfortunately, it’s not so great. This is why we have to make the most of what we have right in front of us – stop wanting what we can’t have and know the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. So many of us look for a place of stability, when in fact, it’s right in front of our very eyes.

Now it’s so noticeable to see the younger generation wishing their life away, and I’m a victim of that statement too. When I was 17 I used to say “I can’t wait until I’m 18, then I can drink and go into clubs.” Always wishing our life away, but shouldn’t we be doing the opposite? If we think about it, the stretch of our life when we’re young is much shorter than when we are old. We enter the adult world and are in for a very long time, say after 21. So we are only young and juvenile for a short period of our life, with little or no responsibilities yet we take everything for granted! If I could tell my younger self anything it would be to BE A CHILD and stop growing up too fast. Stop straightening hair and applying a ton of makeup to try and look older, look like a kid, be a kid and have fun as a kid.

Because that’s what life is really about – taking every day as it comes and accepting our current position, because if we continuously rush life past us, we will never find happiness. When really, there is happiness right here, right now.