Having a cluttered life = a cluttered mind

Declutter your life. It will probably be one of the most valuable things you could ever do. But what exactly do I mean by the term declutter?

Relating this to a personal experience, I am a holder. I love to hold on to just about anything – from old Whatsapp conversations to my old wardrobe that I had when I was eight years old. I hold onto everything and it seems to be a problem of mine. Some sort of addiction, and it all comes down to one thing, not knowing how to let go.

I’ve realised by living this way it clutters my mind and it makes me stressed without even realising it. I have so much going on inside and outside of my life it’s hard for anything else to come into it. When things leave your life new things arise, as they say, as one door shuts another opens. And this is a fact.

So if I can tell anyone this I will tell myself – declutter life to declutter the mind, have a healthier mind. Your soul will be able to breath and so will your thoughts. They will not be halted at every breath but instead will be able to run wild, imagination will grow and creativity will flourish.

Love sets us free 

Love is the answer and it breaks everything. Fact. If the world focused on love, gave love and received it with open arms, there wouldn’t be so many problems. It can be hard being vulnerable, opening up and giving your world to another person. It’s difficult and trust has to be earned. But one of the problems I think most of us experience is knowing and learning to let go of the past. ‘Love freely, let go of the past, live for today and feel free inside.’

There are so many types of love too. Family love, friendship love, pet love, colleague love, travel love…the list is endless, and they all affect us in different ways.

Something I admire about family love, in particular, is just how much we love them but if we have an argument with a family member we tend to forgive them almost instantly; forgetting that it even happened. If this was a friend, however, I don’t think the process would be as easy. For some reason, the human nature tends to hold onto grudges a lot longer with friends, and it’s probably because we know that our family will always be there. Or they are meant to be.

Love is special and it cannot be seen or touched or heard but felt with the heart. We should love unconditionally and hold no grudges; life is too short. Learn to let go and treasure those that mean the world to you. You don’t know what tomorrow will bring. I LOVE love. Can you say the same?

Food for thought

It’s an amazing feeling when you open up your mind to new possibilities and situations. I have been doing this a lot more frequently and I have really felt my spirituality grow. My Aunty keeps on telling me that people in the world are awakening to become more spiritual and people are transforming their lives because of. Finding peace within, for example, is the only way to be truly happy and to block out all of the external noise because it’s so easy to get caught up in all the drama. Especially me, I really don’t deal well with other people’s stress and it has an effect on me. SO we need to protect ourselves, our number one.

What gets to me is how some days are better than others, but when I do have those ‘down days’, I try to remember to be thankful and appreciate all that I have in my life. I still have a roof over my head, clean water to drink and food on the table; which is a lot more than most people. So remembering to show gratitude in your life really does help to lift the spirit straight away.

Meditation is the way I enter spirituality almost immediately. Shutting off and quietening my mind for a while really helps me to escape all of the daily frustrations and anxieties that we often keep trapped inside. This isn’t healthy at all!

So unwind and find yourself. Remember to be thankful and enjoy life. Life is beautiful and it is meant to be fun, so don’t take it too seriously.

THRIVE: Be a part of the movement, for our FUTURE

There is only one powerful force that can have a universal effect bigger than anything else… and that is the power of the PEOPLE.

Watch this and change your thinking, change your life. Stand up for YOU, for your FUTURE and for our PEOPLE. Take action.

Doing what you love best: 20 seconds of courage

Do what you love best. It’s simple really. If it doesn’t feel right it’s probably because it probably isn’t and that’s your instinct telling you to change paths. Sometimes circumstances don’t persist and there can be a feeling of entrapment stopping us from being crazy, but as I learned in a film recently; if we remember to have 20 seconds of pure courage in moments of our life to do and act spontaneously for something we want, beautiful things will come from it. And this is a promised fact for life.

Whether that means walking up to someone you fancy and telling them…you have 20 seconds to do it from start to finish and at the end of it, you walk away. And boy it does feel good afterwards. Or 20 seconds to send an email that’s been playing on your mind; anything that life throws at you that spins around in your head over and over. Just. Do. It.

Do what you love the most and if you’re in a negative frame of mind, what is it that you like or love? Cuddling your pet dog or listening to a particular song, put yourself in a happy mind frame and you will instantly lift yourself up. Don’t focus on the negatives: it’s the devils way of bringing us down! Fight back, come back from it and be a stronger person from the challenges in life that so desperately try and hold us back.

This post is inspired by the film: We bought a Zoo.

Italian experience: a rambling of memories and noted cultural differences

Italy. Wow. Just. Wow. 04.09.15 – 10.09.15

So to begin with, in order this is where we visited on our Italian trip:

  • Milan/Monza (F1)
  • Genoa
  • Sistre levante
  • Cinque Terre ( Riomaggiore to be exact… where I got engaged ;-) )
  • Pisa
  • Florence
  • Rome

Apart from the obvious reason why I had the best time of my life (getting engaged!), it was one of the most special places I have ever visited. From the random best friend moments me and my partner shared and the loved up scenes under the Italian stars, the Italian food and the people are just great. It is so beautiful in Italy, so scenic and mysterious; it is a place like no other. And their roads! Choosing to do a road trip across Italy was the best decision we made. We started in Milan and went to the F1 at Monza and travelled all the way down to Rome.

The F1 was something else and all the details can be explained later, but yeah, I basically had the time of my life. Being at the Formula 1 the spin-out crash that happened with the porches and around multicultural people was fascinating. Something else I adored was being around so many people who support so many different teams but are all as one – from all different walks of life – and all have something in common: the love for racing and the love for engines.

Going through a place called Genova was a unique place and me and my partner were in our own ‘Avatar’ world. The roads went through several mountains through tunnels, it was incredible. It literally reminded me of the Avatar lands or even comparable to Jurrasic Park.

We met tons of foreign people, from Danish to bumping into people from our hometowns; it was so adventurous. You would never expect to find yourself slumped on the airport floor either, which was a nightmare in its own way. But looking back it’s absolutely hilarious. Blood, sweat and tears happened that night, and to say I hate Milan’s airport now is an understatement!

Italy is a combination of Spain and England combined, is one way of putting it. It has fresh greens and the blue skies to compliment its natural beauty. It’s ethos is laid back but has a unique edge of culture that can be absorbed from several angles.

Despite taking a fondness to the Italian people, a lot of them also have this traditional, hot flared temper which myself and my partner noted when eating at a restaurant. We were welcomed with luxury hospitality but then among themselves their chattering echoed frustration and the love of precision. If something wasn’t done right it was noticed. Really noticed.

The feeling of friendship caught me too – meeting people from the same country in a different country and how when they do sit in your acquaintance you instantly have so much in relation and in common to talk about. It’s perfect. :)
All hail the selfie stick inventor admittedly at the leaning tower of Pisa; reflecting modern society to a T! You can’t help but notice how we are faced and obsessed with taking photos of ourselves but now we have a moment to share without having to ask strangers to take a photo…we now have the capability of capturing such special moments without asking a single person! Priceless.

On our way back we met such an inspirational man it was life-changing. He offered tips and advice for our life, and again, we had an abundance in common. Life is just beautiful.

I could go on forever, but to bring this to a close, the question is: what’s next? Athens (for a spiritual break), a France weekend break and a trip to the Euros next year (of course), New York city, Australia travelling with my partner after graduation for 3/4 months and a dream holiday to Lesgets in Switzerland to try skiing for the very first time!

If you have any travelling experiences, please share them with me I would love to hear about them! Email me: gemmaleighsmith@hotmail.co.uk

Ego vs. Staying True

“Stay humble and stay true to yourself” is a piece of advice given to by a wise man. It is, however, very difficult to remain both of those things, which on a first glance, you think would be nothing more than a natural way of being. Yet when you look deeper ‘most people look but they don’t see’, you will see a world full of people rushing around, pretending to be something and somebody they’re not. People follow trends they don’t necessarily believe in, people try and be like someone they see on TV; the list is endless. And why is this? Because our ego is so powerful that it is almost like a huge shield overwhelming us, forcing us to ‘fit in’, otherwise we feel no ‘sense of belonging’, and nobody wants to feel this way.

So I tried it after recognising these things in myself. I stopped copying and following people’s ways and pace, just because I thought they were ‘better’ than me or achieved higher grades than me. I thought enough is enough. Why should I? I am amazing and there is only one me, and that should be appreciated and shown off to the world. So I quietened my status and stayed on the lowdown, done things I wanted to do and worked on myself, because at the end of it all, you only have number 1: and that is YOU. So we should give time to ourselves and give what we deserve.

It’s about time people stopped worrying about what everyone else thinks and just stayed true to themselves. You will feel like a whole load of baggage has been lifted, try it.