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The education system

Speaking to an inspirational natural remedy doctor the other day, we were discussing a very interesting topic – the education system. Is education today what it should be? Are students being treated fairly or are they being exploited? Are we pressurised to succeed through academic achievement?

It’s a tricky and a sensitive topic when we begin to depict the reasoning why we are spending so much nowadays to go to university, when you compare this to the past and my parents generation, for example, didn’t have to pay a penny. It’s quite frustrating actually, but of course times change and the scale of things differ so  we have to adapt and understand and see things for what they are.

The fact that any student pretty much, is able to apply for student finance through the government makes it somewhat achievable for most to go to university. Through UCAS students are able to pick out five universities according to their grades, which gives them a reasonably good chance of being accepted. Once graduation is over we NOW left with an excess debt of £45,000 – how are we able to cope with this burden over our shoulders? It’s traumatising for most, and can be quite off-putting just to have the thought of going to university in this day in age.

I still can’t grasp the idea of paying for something which is bettering the citizens of the United Kingdom. We – as the younger generation – are the future of what is to come, so shouldn’t the government be encouraging us to perform in an outstanding way via our academic success to strengthen the British economy?

As the years go on the amount of teaching hours are decreasing, and the party-life of university continues to appeal to future university students. Many are forced to go through parental pressures but many choose to go just for the party and because it’s an escapism away from working life. But those who genuinely want to go to achieve a 2:1 or a first – isn’t the fact that we have to pay for our university now and obtain funds from the government quite conveniently taking away the qualitative idea of a university degree?

For example, in most other countries students have to may for university themselves without the help of the government, or in some cases it’s free to go. However the grade boundaries are set so high that only those that are performing way above average are entitled to study for a degree.

However, to a certain point it is good that the UK function in the way that they do as it gives equal opportunities to students no matter their class, ethnicity or any other differentiating trait that may segregate them from society. It’s just about dealing with the huge debt after leaving university, we can only hope and pray that the government comes up with an action plan to make this pressure less worrying!

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Build your team

There is no I in TEAM is there? You may have the best idea and the best strategic plan, but without you initial team to help you strive for it and achieve your dream you will never make it no matter how hard you try.

It really is true that communication, contacts and networking is the most valuable asset any one person can have, and this even accounts for students studying trying to get their qualifications. You may be the best writer in the world, but unless you know the right people and you have good skills to help you get recognised, it may only be your bedroom that knows how much of a talented writer you are.

When you analyse any talent that is universally known, behind the scenes they have their teams to do work for them. For example, Justin Bieber takes photographs while he is out and about, but I can almost guarantee you it isn’t him that posts his stuff up on Facebook and Twitter he will have a Social Media manager who schedules them and tags them in the appropriate way to boost SEO about him as an artist.

See, having a team makes things easier for you and it all starts with association. ‘Association breeds similarity’ – and quite literally – if you have a team of people that share the same vision as you, believe in you and WANT to help you make it, will they not do everything in their power to ensure that happens? Of course they will. Yet if you surround yourself with ‘empty’ individuals who have no enthusiasm about what you’re doing, are not willing to help you at times of need and don’t give you enough time of day – I’m pretty sure they will be of little use to you if any at all.

So build your team and make things happen for you faster. Build that ‘collective intelligence’ within your circle of friends, which can be done by working out who is good at what and helping one another to reach your full potential.

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HONY – inspiration

I love finding an online resource, a book, a name, a song, a video clip or even a strong – well-believed-in – idea that inspires me to a whole new level.

I came across this online group that are based in America called Humans of New York and I started to research them. They seemed very interesting from first sight, and then when I looked into what they actually done, I was amazed at the originality of it. Absolutely amazing. The founder of the organisation is called Brandon and he began his journey in 2010 shortly after leaving his job – or getting fired – either or!

Basically, Brandon thought it would be really cool to create a map of individuals from all over New York by photographing them in their natural states as he walked around NYC streets. He set out to photograph 10,000 New Yorkers and then shortly after began interviewing his people, collecting their quotes to share with the world. After much hard work and persistence in his creative craft, he developed a successful blog that had gained over a million views from people all over the world. His type of ‘photo-journalism’ was one of a kind, completely unique and many people had never seen anything like it before.

The fact that Brandon was photographing complete strangers gave a sense of ‘realness’ to his work. It made people and individuals feel heard, made them feel special and through HONY their voice was being shared with a community of other people from all over the world. HONY’s Facebook page is below! I urge to take a look and experience the same ‘wow factor’ as I did when I stumbled across them.

The reason why this business means so much to me is because I love writing, I love photography and I love to make a difference – something I believe HONY is doing very effectively. They have a strong burning desire to capture the still moments of strangers alongside the spoken word, and are then reflecting this via different platforms for others to see: it’s genius.

No matter how silly your idea may seem or if you come up with something that has never been done before, it’s important for us to remember that it doesn’t matter, and it’s wonderful to be unique. Keep believing in what you love and do what you love and trust me…you will get there!

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Characteristics of winners







You are the author of your own life, so write it the way you want it.


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Be selfish now, give back later

What does it mean to be selfish and are we being out of line by being so?
Growing up I didn’t really understand the reasons why people were selfish and how they never put others first in situations I would of done. Maybe it’s because I’ve always been too considerate for my own good – which often means you get walked over so it’s not always a good thing – but as I have got older and wiser, I have realised it’s good to be selfish. If we don’t look after ourselves, who will?

See if we constantly run around trying to please others we may get so lost in their worlds we forget about our own happiness. Is this just and fair? No, of course not, yet many of us are like that.

When we go to school or college we are striving to fit in and make new friends. Being selfish, for many of, is a trait completely off the radar until we become more comfortable with ourselves. Usually peer pressure and selfishness come hand in hand – should we feel this pressure we are then influenced to drop our ideals and follow the suit of others.

It wasn’t until I joined university last year did I realise how far I had come and how far many of us come together. Saying no to doing things that others are doing and structuring your time the way you want it spent not how other people may try to dictate are all ways of being more focused on yourself as an individual with individual needs.

See if we learn to look after, nurture and love ourselves, others will love us too and this leaves an open heart for an exchange of love between two or more people to compromise and feel fulfillment in multiple ways.

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Competition is a topic that most of us are familiar with as many of us battle with it on the daily. We find ourselves looking at others, sharing similar interests as our friends and comparing ourselves to the models we see on the television screens.

Growing up and having a sincere, deep-rooted passion for education, I have always taken notice of the academic system and the ways others respond around one another. I have always been my own person – never feeling the pressure to confine or conform or follow anyone else – because it is about my time and how I choose to spend it. Of course we cannot be selfish and not consider the thoughts and feelings of others because it’s always admired to be empathetic and caring, but there comes a time when we need to stand up for what we believe in and be selfish for a change.

Coming to university has really broadened that vision for me whereby if you try to be like everyone else, inside of you just breaks apart and you barely know who you are.

“Why do I keep following these people yet I don’t want to do it? I’m scared of being alone so I need to keep tagging along…”

This is all completely wrong but unfortunately, so many of us experience these emotions even me! We are not perfect but that’s okay, the first step is recognising what needs to be changed to make you a happier person. Happiness on the inside radiates outwards – fact.

So how do I deal with going to university studying Journalism at the University of Westminster full of a professional journalists, just like me, some below my standard and some above it? I use the competition to my advantage by feeding off of other people’s energies. Instead of envying and hating other people, I admire and I learn adapting others skills to my own strengthening my skill-set altogether.

By changing perspectives and altering your initial vision, try to see the positive in everything because it really all depends on how you see it. When a time comes and you hit rock bottom and all you can feel rush over you is negativity, all of that can be changed in an instant by thinking happy thoughts, remembering back to good times and just being grateful for being you! Don’t let competition get the better of you.

Focus on yourself and watch yourself shine.

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Your persona

A pressure can be felt to be or to act in a certain kind of way in order for us to fit in with our group of friends, our circle or to even break through the ice and make new friends. When it reaches this point a type of ‘persona’ kicks in and we find ourselves pretending to be something we’re not, doing things we wouldn’t usually do and saying a whole bunch of new words that are completely out of the ordinary.

I don’t know how many times I have noticed people’s false personalities shine through because I have lost count, but when you know someone for who they truly are – who they are both proud of as a person and comfortable with – then it can feel very disappointing witnessing it. I always try to encourage people to be themselves: my friends, my family, my man and even myself at times when I get lost in the moment. Don’t get me wrong, if you’re practicing for a drama play or you are part of a performing arts college then this sort of stuff is considered normal and it’s likely you’ll carry your professional traits into reality. But we should always be proud of who we want to be and be the best version of it.

Smile and scream out loud if you have to – if the whole world was the same full of gorgeous, reasonably skinny girls or fit muscular men with stunning features then surely it would be a boring place. Mixture and variety is what makes it fun and it gives us all an opportunity to branch out and be unique. We all have amazing things about ourselves to show off and of course we have our downsides, but who doesn’t? Learn to love your flaws, be proud of them and don’t deny them – they make you who you are!

Your persona can be a good thing in adaptable situations, say for example if you are going for an interview you need to show the classier side of yourself rather than the immature jokey kind of person that you tend to fall into when you’re around friends and family. I mean if you can’t love yourself who do you expect to love you? We have to find it from within ourselves what makes us beautiful individuals, and then trust me, the world will see you in the same way.