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There is no such thing as bad news

‘There is no such thing as bad news.’ By this I mean generally – day to day – when you hear negative comments about you and they can instantly ruin your day but there is something most of us don’t realise.

Those that usually foul horrible language against us are usually jealous, so turn the badness into goodness. Aim to be better when you hear it or read it, don’t change but stay yourself and prove to them and to yourself that you are beautiful because there is only one of you, so love yourself!

Any energy invested in you – whether bad or good – makes you a more powerful being. It gets people talking, speculating, guessing what you’re up to.

People tend to be against positivity because it is much easier to complain than it is to say wise words to the world and make others feel good about themselves. Change is usually frowned upon, that is why the government and those in power like the masses to be ‘sheep’ – followers in other words – so the rich can be rich and the poor can be poor.

Don’t allow yourself to fall into this trap – there is more than enough wealth to go around for the whole world plus more, so just believe and you shall achieve.

The world is yours – literally – so don’t hold yourself back or feel deprived of self-worth because of others. Use their energy to your advantage to achieve exactly what it is you want and desire.

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Another chapter

Every day can be a challenge – if we want it to be. ‘Life is what you make it’ and it literally is.

At this moment in my life, for example, I am starting a new chapter, a whole new lifestyle. Am I scared? Of course I am, but that doesn’t mean I won’t face my challenge face on and use my determination to move forward with my life.

Moving from a foreign country back to your home country can be a tough battle, especially when you don’t know anyone and you don’t know how to use the services to get around in the area.

I have settled into the University of Westminster now and I have found my firm circle of friends – which I must say are very scattered between different groups. I like to make friends from many different diversities because I find that I can relate to them in different ways, and it keeps friendships fresh and alive – and of course exciting.

So now I will be beginning my next chapter at Westminster but I will be entering year 2 where all of my marks counts so it’s time to get down to business. When I look back at my life so far and reflect I realise how time literally flies by as you get older, and that is due to the surplus of responsibilities. But do you know what? I can’t wait to enjoy every single day of my life because every day is a blessing and I am forever thankful to my parents for producing me.


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Thinking out loud

Have you ever sat back and realised that you though way out loud? You say something and straight away you’re annoyed with yourself for saying what you said and you wish you could take it all back?

See, that’s the amazing thing about humans. We all do things we don’t mean to do and we all say things we probably shouldn’t. But that’s what makes us grow as individuals and it’s how we learn from our mistakes.

When we have thoughts run through our head we automatically try to analyse them – even if we think we aren’t – and then we can spontaneously outburst with comments and actions that are wholeheartedly unintentional. This can spar on to broken friendships, arguments, misunderstandings and so on. So maybe we should think about what we say before we say it, right?

Life can be dangerous and life can be hard. That is inevitable. We only learn by messing up along the way, and by doing so we find out our strengths and our weaknesses – and others do too.

It is all fun and games, and it isn’t about the hand your dealt in life, it’s how you choose to handle the hand you’re dealt with. So play it right and play it wise. Do what makes you happy because when it comes down to it, it’s all about number one.


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It’s not as bad as you think

When all feels lost do not give up – it is never as bad as you think it is. Keep smiling and everything will work out the way it’s supposed to.

When I was speaking to my friend recently we discussed relationship problems and how men and women think differently.

Women analyse situations and comments whereas men have very simple minds.

Of course it would be wrong to stereotype and comment on the mass of the sexes, but a little part of me agrees with the statement. For some crazy reason we think and act in a surprisingly different way, but that is what makes us attracted to one another. ‘Opposites attract right’, or in other cases, ‘like attracts like’, each to their own but that’s what makes relationships so fascinating.

Many couples fail to work things out as in today’s world it has become a lot easier to break up and move on than work at it and fix damaged walls. People forget why they fell in love and what is so special about the relationship. They let go years of love for a one night thing, completely jeapordising everything they have at the core of their soul.

A huge part of it, in my opinion, is due to the rise of social media and just how easy it has become to message new people online wherever and whenever. People can pretend to be someone their not on social media websites, radiating a false persona in order to attract a person of their preference.

‘It’s not always as bad as you think’, so sometimes sit back and relax and just let time pass you by while you live, love and laugh in the present moment.

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You live and you learn

When times seem difficult they usually are for a purpose. We learn from our mistakes – or at least we should do. Robots may be programmed to be perfect but human beings have their imperfections, but it’s those that make us beautiful and unique. If we were all similar the world would probably be a boring place, and we would never learn or grow from other people’s imperfections.

That is a process I tend to follow on a regular basis: I watch others discreetly and see the way they live their lives and I try to learn from their hard times. There may be things another person does that you don’t necessarily agree with but to judge is to be critical of another being – and we all our own person so that should be respected.

Disturbing and traumatising past experiences can sometimes come back and become haunting, which may be a reason for why criminals never learn from their mistakes. They are surrounded by bad omens, but the wonderful thing is it is never too late to change and step up to the life you want and deserve.

What it all boils down to is number one: you. Lead by example and be the best possible person you can be and watch others around you admire and follow in your direction…


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Everything is gonna be alright

I love the song that goes “everything is gonna be alright”. It’s amazing how much music can move you and take you down a memory lane. It sparks your emotions and you feel like you can do certain things just by listening to a song. It gives you courage, happiness but it can also make you feel sad and lonely. 

Music definitely touches souls and that is why is universally powerful. This correlates with the way I feel about writing and how the craft of the written word can be so meaningful it can move mountains – relating to the masses. 

I would be lying if I said I didn’t have any bad days because I do – we all do – they make us stronger and sometimes we have to go down in order to find something better and come back up again. 

Throughout my quest to become a journalistic professional I also want to pursue a career in life coaching, helping others to become bigger and better individuals. When we are young we are constantly searching for knowledge and useful information, which is why when we grow up I believe we should become teachers and give something back to the generation. Not only that but seeing faces light up when they have discovered something completely new and fresh is a really rewarding feeling, and it has become almost addictive to me. 

If you are reading this now and you know of a course or a person in the industry I could speak to and get some advice from it would be great to hear from you. Email me:

Do something amazing today and see how this will reflect your mood! :-) 

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Don’t let your mind play games

“Listen to your heart and not your head.”

 This quote that I have picked up ‘Along the Way’ means an awful lot to me. In fact I feel its relevance in almost every aspect of life. We all get the feeling of intuition but we can ignore it at regular intervals because we let our head take over. Have you ever had the feeling when you are driving along and something inside tells you to take a certain turning or to not go somewhere and you realise that it happened for a reason afterwards? In a film I watched called The Secret I saw this guy who said that 90% of the time he can think about a parking spot in a particular place where he would like to park, and just by focusing on it happening and believing with every part of him – it happens.

It can be very easy to get caught up in other people’s habits and rituals – the bad ones I mean – that they influence you to be or act in a certain way too. Deep down we all know what is right and wrong for us, so we should be headstrong and follow our hearts – do what we think is BEST for us rather than what feels good at the time.

It’s like when a lot of Britain’s living in the UK watch the news – the news is so injected with false and negative emotions it instantly arouses like-minded signals in the viewers. Next thing we know is we are doubting the world, we are doubting the reporters viewpoints and we feel dubious about all of the messages we get from it. Yet the media provides a window to the world that otherwise wouldn’t exist, so we have to be extremely grateful for it. 

That is why we need to ‘absorb what’s useful, reject what’s useless and add what’s specifically your own’ – Bruce Lee.