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Web Offset Printing Company Tour USA, Europe, Asia.

Recently I discovered an amazing, worldwide business that made me just want to write about it. The business is a Web Offset Printing Company and they are located in the USA, Mexico, Europe and Asia. They were originally founded in 2009 by Quentin and his father Bruce. 

As an inspiring company they have grown to learn a lot about business, relationships and life in general making them an all-round impressive business to turn to when looking for that extra quality service. 

Expedition Printing Corporation can provide anything you need with any specific requirements: apparel or promotional products. They also specialise in road races and can print dry-fit shirts to rain-jackets, so they are very versatile in their own league. 

They have everything from catalogues to textbooks to magazines and brochures, so please check out their website.

You can contact them at any time and their friendly staff will be happy to assist any queries or questions you may have! 

If you would like to see a breakdown of the company and what exactly they are about then visit their YouTube page and subscribe to them!

They are by far one of the biggest printing businesses in Asia, making them one of the biggest printing businesses in the entire world! You will learn about their business styles, new innovations as well as different elements of printing colour, accuracy and so on, and you will gain an insight into the pricing too.

The tour on their YouTube page is very worthwhile, so please check it out and see their ‘web offset printing and sheet fed capabilities, equipment list and plant tours’.​

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Life is supposed to be abundant

Did you know that there is more than enough wealth to go around the whole world and so much more? So many of us are made to believe that we are restricted, and we get comfortable with where we are right now. We get stuck in a rut and spend many years doing something we don’t actually enjoy.

If we all did what we loved we wouldn’t work one day in our life. And we can we just need to visualise it and before you know if you will find yourself attracting the right people to get you to where you need to be and the opportunities will unravel from nowhere.

Life is supposed to be abundant in all areas which means in our happiness, wealth, health and general well-being satisfaction with your life-style.

‘Money cannot buy happiness’, and it really can’t. I know a guy who has next to no real stability in relation to his income yet he is the happiest guy I know. On the other hand, a sibling of mine has more money than she can spend and she lives miserably, without a lovely spouse, suffers with health issues and spends most of her daily life working. I know which I would rather.

It is about balance, but if you passionately chase what you love you will work and earn money from what you love doing and then all the other areas in your life will gradually improve.

One step at a time. You can have and be anything you wish. Just believe.

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Let life thrill you, blow you away

Life is about being risky and taking chances. Knowing the rules so you know how to break them – within reason of course!

Being in Spain this summer has really made me think that life is such a beautiful journey and we should just be young wild and free at times and let life take control. Let it thrill you and ‘blow you away’.

I watched an amazing film not so long ago called Meet Joe Black and it had very deep meanings in there. It exposed a truth in life that if we leave our heart open and lightening could strike and it couldn’t be more true. Many of us feel scared and vulnerable to just be ourselves that we hold back and withdraw from who we really are or who we want to be. That is why surrounding ourselves with those that lift us, bring out the best in us and help us to become better people is the route to progression in life. It’s all about helping one another, getting involved and communicating as a key essential, because we are all connected in this world we can’t shy away from that.

So is there anything you would like to share with the world but you’re afraid of being heard? I would like to see myself as a great listener and I always have an open-mind to new stories. So if you would like just to get to know me a little more and exchange stories feel free! Please email me at I would love to here from you!

Building up a circle with like-minded people can make you accelerate at 100 miles an hour – much faster than going at it alone.

So be free, get blown away and enjoy the journey.


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We are all different

It’s interesting when people depict qualities about others that juxtapose to their own. Something important that an elder person advised me one day is that we are all unique and special in our own right so we should just let everyone be who they wish to be.

Trying to change someone only brings yourself down and stunts that other person from being their real self. In the end they will never change so it’s better to just accept or reject and move from there.

It makes life interesting. We all see things differently and have different tastes so it gives life more variety. If everyone was like yourself think how bored you could get. By being around diverse people who may learn something completely new, discover bigger things and broaden your horizon in life.

That is why I love to study the media and journalism as an avenue. I find it fascinating to learn about other people and how they choose to live their lives, and how all of this stands in contrast to me and my associations. It makes me think outside the box and how there is so much more to what I know right this second… It makes life very very exciting!

So enjoy every moment of it, and like Will Smith says: Life isn’t about the amount of breaths you take. It’s about the moments that take your breath away.


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Our History Is Our Teacher

“Standing in the Hall of Fame, and everybody is going to know your name.”

Hall of Fame – I love the song. I didn’t realise how much so until most recently. After repeatedly playing it on my iPhone device and soaking in the lyrics I learned to understand the power of spoken words.

Words can literally move mountains. They are so strong and have a big impact on humanity it’s unreal. We are motivated by them, driven and even contrastingly burdened by them. So we have to use them wisely.

Having a literate tongue is a fantastic gift. Usually if you can read you can write. If you can listen well to others you can deliver your words likewise. They work hand in hand.

Someone once told me:

Everyday you should aim to be better. Aim to go higher, higher than you’ve ever gone before. Learn, absorb, make mistakes. It’s the only way you’ll grow.

And I can fully understand that now. Perhaps the reason for us on planet earth is to learn and become educated everyday and then we grow up we can give something by teaching. ‘Our history is our teacher.’

From the age when we are born we are learning and depending on our parents to equip us with all the tools we need for our lives ahead. We go to school, we are taught rituals and morals by our loved ones. We are told the difference between right and wrong. Even when we reach the workforce we are learning. We learn to socialise and interact with many different types of people and adapt accordingly.

Life is beautiful.

Live, laugh, love and most importantly, learn.

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What is your blue print?

How do you see yourself when you grow up? Married? With kids? Running the high life abroad travelling for a living?

We all have a vision of who we are, and every day we choose to live in a certain way with our own morals to help us develop into the person we want to become. What’s great about this is we are constantly changing as the days go past. We may bump into the man of our dreams or be offered a once in a lifetime job opportunity that is absolutely essential to consider. Then all of a sudden our whole ‘blue print’ shifts: what we want and where we see ourselves going change at the snap of our fingers. And it’s as scary as that.

To live life and live it openly is to live it with our hearts and minds open. Not putting too many restraints on ourselves or obligations. Saying yes even if we want to say no. Why? Because we don’t know what we might learn from it. Surely it’s better to doubt what we done rather than regret what we never had the courage to go for, because we never know what may become of it.

Hardly anybody knows what they want to be when they grow up. It’s blurry and hazy, we have an idea but it’s not clear, some parts are flat. But do you know what? All of that is fine because it will all work out the way it is supposed to, providing you follow your heart and your intuition, because it is never wrong!

We all have a purpose in life and we are out to find it. The scale of that purpose is irrelevant. Families in Africa may have the purpose of being a heartwarming unit of individuals who provide and secure those around them to be hardworking and great people. Or it could be a young mum who has a child young and her purpose is to provide her son or daughter with the life she never had.

And that’s what makes life so beautiful… We are all so different and unique. So develop your blueprint in your way, nobody else’s, because if it’s what you want do not stop until you become it!

The tattoo parlour near my house in Spain is a fantastic environment to be in. The workers there are fantastic. They are a family and they have strong beliefs about who they are, they love what they do and they see the body as a canvas. Many people disagree and have their opinions that you should be careful what you permanently design on your skin because of how you’ll look when you grow old. Yet others will disagree and say live for today, worry about tomorrow when it comes. And all of these opinions are right because they’re true to that person.

This couple respects other perspectives and remain open-minded about tattoos, but they won’t be driven in different directions just because some people slate their artwork and what they do for a living. They carry on because it’s right for them and it makes them happy. They have developed their blueprint.

“Your thoughts is your reality.”

“Be the best version of you.”

“Think about the present moment. Right now. Are you alive, are you breathing, are there any more things to worry about?”

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Associations and the importance of them

When you look back on your life it’s incredible to see the wide range of people you meet and how you become friends with the most amazing people. You learn so much from others – just through listening – and bouncing ideas off one another.

Growing up we strive to ‘fit in’ and find friends, even if that’s means changing our style, our dialect or the way we conduct ourselves. It can be wrong from an outside perspective but it’s all part of growing up: it’s part of the process.

I’ve heard stories many of times from people.

I remember for four years of my life back in the day when I thought it was okay to rob and steal, to do wrong to others and speak foul words to my friends when I got upset. Then I had an inspirational chat with some older people than me one day and it made me change my perspective. They asked me whether I would be happy living like this throughout my life, struggling and not having a proper education. I knew I was more than that. That day I decided I needed to go to university.

People can bring us down and hold us back. If we surround ourselves with people that just moan all day, we become moaners. If we are with people who love to learn and read books; we are more inclined to do the same thing. We rub off – indirectly – from other people’s actions and intentions without even noticing it. Even if we spend half our life with somebody who is northern and we have a southern heritage, more than likely we would have developed a northern tongue just because of association.

So choose your friends wisely. It’s okay to reject people and choose your friends. Look after number one, and those that need to be in your life will be there without you forcing it to happen.