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We are all connected

‘We are all connected’ – and quite literally. We have been produced by two beings who has friends who has friends and so on. We all have a mind, body and soul and we all share energy with one another – sometimes we bounce off of that energy, sometimes we clash against it and sometimes we feel empty because there feels like no connection exists at all.

Yet we are all spiritually linked in some form or manner it’s about opening up our minds to the idea. Much of it begins with the core ‘belief’, something which many of us lacks due to disappointment, being let down, the poisonous media that injects negative stories into our minds all of the time and other emotional/physical/mental factors that may be specific to ourselves and only ourself can understand. All of that is okay but what if we just thought twice next time and instead of shrugging someone off we actually gave them a chance… a chance to speak, to share, to express and most importantly, to connect.

Connection is an amazing feeling and it’s where an abundance of joy exists. All round abundance is all of the elements of life feeling complete to one person, and much of it begins with a shared energy flow between two or more individuals. When we keep things to ourself we are shutting ourselves off to all that we know, and what great use is that to us if we wish to broaden our horizon?

So please if you wish to connect with me send me an email! I am always looking to meet new people and embark on new adventures, as well as looking for new challenges within my career:

Alis Volat Propriis – She flies her own wings – xo


Get together with your friends rather than communicating via social media, it’s the ‘real stuff’ that makes a difference.

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All is not lost

Steph Macleod who was an alcoholic and drug addict nine years ago turned his life around and is a born-again Christian. Aged just 33 and does song writing for a living he inspires many people that all is not lost even when you feel that it is.

It is never too late to turn your life around.

He came to be free of his addiction after being caught in a vicious circle, which can overtake anyone’s life. Steph was a very talented classical guitarist and felt broken-hearted when his parents split up when he was just 15.

It happens to most people: you turn to alcohol and drugs to forget about reality. After many years of drug abuse and arriving at college he found himself worsening his dosage and turned to Class A drugs and drinking more alcohol than ever.

After losing his mind at college and failing the system, his ambition to become a classical guitarist as his career deteriorated. Living his life in fear he felt there was no light at the end of his tunnel, and coping with life was becoming unbearable. He became homeless and helpless – just to say the least.

It reached the point for Steph where he knew he needed a silver lining but he didn’t know where to look. There was nothing positive in his life as he lived in despair, anxiety, shame and disappointment.

The turning point:

One day Steph noticed a sign on a doctors’ noticeboard, which said: Bethany Christin Centre. After realising it was a homeless hostel and a treatment centre he felt keen to join, and got accepted in after his interview.

They made him come off the alcohol completely, which proved very difficult for Steph, but eventually his body went back to functioning normally again.

He didn’t really feel connected to God until he met a special minister who he related to in a scary way. They exchanged stories and experience and realised how similar they were, and Steph no longer felt alone. It was quite an enlightening time for him.

The minister explained how he’d found freedom in Christ and the strength to break walls that were a big bulk of his life. He broke the chains that had been killing him, so Steph prayed to God and asked to do the same thing. He asked God for his forgiveness and said that he would follow Jesus all the way and hope to feel free.

After praying, Steph felt peace and belief race over him, which was quite an overwhelming, yet relieving feeling. He didn’t realise how blurred his life had become and how harsh he had been towards himself. He felt free.

Everything started to fall into place to Steph and things began to make real sense. When he found Jesus he showed him that he was worth a lot more than he thought of himself. God gave him the strength he needed when he had hit rock bottom.

“God has never let me down. He’s so faithful. It doesn’t matter how hard it gets, we seem to come through it and we still rejoice. The fact we’re alive and got a family and a roof over our heads and a bed to sleep in, these are little things but it’s a lot more than some people.” Says Steph Macleod.

Addictions are self-destructive and it can take a lot of courage for someone to reach out away from them and to find the inner-strength in becoming a recovered and better person.

Now he shares his inspiring testimony with thousands – through songs and through speaking. He gets invited to many churches and festivals and feels so thankful to God for giving him a new start to a whole new journey. It really is truly touching and any one of us can pull ourselves out from a dark hole, because God will serve us with light and brightness, happiness and answers. All will be revealed to you by giving yourself to Jesus Christ.

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Getting back into a routine

Sometimes we can get too used to ‘doing nothing’ and we can easily fall out of routine. This summer break at university, the students on my course for all I’m sure has had five months off too, and oh my it has been a long break! I mean, if you are working and keeping yourself occupied the time length isn’t so bad, but if you are quite easily-led you may of found yourself partying your nights away and before you knew it ‘academic life’ was just around the corner.

Personally I used my time wisely and managed to continue my blogging, continued to write for a newspaper and still got to travel the world and climb a mountain. It is all about being flexible and versatile with your ways, adapting and conforming as well as compromising at times when things may not be going your way. It is useful to obtain traits such as those just mentioned as it allows you to multi-task and be exactly who you want to be, whilst progressing and becoming a better person each and every day.

This world is undoubtedly accelerating and times have got harder in comparison to my parent’s days. It was so easy back then to get 100% mortgages, to get on the property ladder with little money, to get the desired job without finishing school, going to college or even university – yet now competition has rocketed and the generation of today do face a tough battle.

Perhaps technology has segregated society in a partial way by isolating people on their devices rather than focusing on one-to-one communication in what is known as ‘real life’. If someone were to ask me which day I would have preferred to live in I don’t know what I would say as I just take life for what it is and give it my best shot, but at the same time I would love to see the British people smile a lot more.

There really is so many unfortunate people all over the world and it really opens up your eyes when you see ‘poverty-stricken’ people who have to walk miles just to fetch a bucket full of dirty water.

So do I like being back in a routine at university? Well it certainly is testing my patience that’s for sure! It’s a weird transition bouncing from student life to working life and then mixing the two together, the demands are quite extreme and pressurising. But will I give up? Certainly not, not unless it’s the last thing I do.

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Are we the aliens?

When we look at all the living creatures in the world from animals to sea-life to plants and nature they all compliment one another, they help one another and embark on a peaceful journey of life together. The food chain all lie in parallel and without one the others would fall apart, and then there comes human beings. Are we just a form of mass destruction killing lots of fish in the ocean, cutting down trees and slaughtering animals for food? Are we the aliens? We are a consumerist-driven race always looking to buy the next thing. We have to graft for what we want all throughout our lives, battling with the government and those in power to get what we want. It’s interesting when an analysis is done on what it is we are actually doing here.

We do all have a purpose and we have to serve our loved ones proud – after all they created us. Without them we wouldn’t be here so being thankful for our lives on a daily basis is a heart-warming act to commit, without a doubt. Are there too many sheep on this planet and not enough shepherds? People get afraid to speak the truth, to speak their mind because they would be considered as different and controversial.

Yet if the truth be known those who do stand up for what they believe in and fight for it until the end of time usually become famous for doing so, and then you have those in power who dismay the popularity because they don’t want people to be different. It would be a lot easier for them if everyone stayed the same and followed all of the media messages projected through technology and accepted the rules and guidelines put in place by people in a different league to us. But is it always the right thing to do?

So many we are the ones that are ruling this planet Earth taking it over, always looking to fight other countries and fight one another. Diseases spread among us causing mass destruction and there never seems to be a point of complete rest and fulfilment people always want more – they want bigger and better, greed can get the better of people.

Lets think twice in the future who we are affecting before we take action, consider others and life will look after you.


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What is your freedom?

It’s so lovely to walk away from reality at times and do something that gives you nothing but joy. Being at Blackpool not so long ago the family and myself went to Pleasure Beach and the theme park was absolutely immense. There was something for everyone catering for both adults and children. I sat back and realised at the end of the day that I had enjoyed myself and had the time of my life yet time just passed on by and I was worry and stress free. I felt free, I felt happy and most importantly, nothing else at that moment mattered.

Every once in a while we need to walk away from our everyday routine and just enjoy ourselves. Its about letting go and running wild, being crazy and spontaneous and getting over the hiccups along the way. It allows us to mellow our minds and shut off, reenergise and refresh what direction we are going down while we embark on our journey through life.

Even if we experience these moments of escapism with our partner it can really enhance a relationship and bring two people closer. With your best friend or with your grandma even, shut down your laptop and turn off your phone and enjoy the conversation for what it is. It is visible that a lack of gratification exists in society nowadays and these morals are only being passed down to the generations below. Is that really how we want to see our children grow up? Instead of buying an iPad for Christmas, wouldn’t piano lessons or theatre practice be a lot more beneficial and socially stimulating?

Think outside the box – it will have tremendous effects.


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Ambition is everything

If you have ambition you are blessed with a powerful drive that will take you wherever it is you need to go. No matter how big or crazy the dream may seem to you or to others it is never impossible to reach your goals. This is fact. Just know that you will and you will be shown the way.

Studying Albert Einstein and other big successors in the world I have realised that each and every one of us has our own way of doing things and that is perfectly okay. It doesn’t matter how the person next to you is going about achieving the same thing, as long as you believe and you go at it with complete passion and energy your way will get you there.

Einstein used to work through the night because it was when his brain performed best. Growing up it is normal to become immune to what the ones closest to us has to say or think about our inner-choices, but we have an intuition for a reason and that is rarely wrong. If something doesn’t feel right then that may be because it probably isn’t.

It can become quite easy to get ‘stuck in a rut’ and get used to how things are right this very moment. Working in a job role for many years can feel stable and secure but is it really worth waking up every morning dreading the day at work ahead, every single day of your working career? I’m not so convinced. And the thing is we can have and be whomever we want to we just have to ask, receive and act on our decisions.

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When the sun is out

Have you noticed how people automatically respond to the weather? When the sun is out shining through the windows we instantly feel more alive – well for many of us. I’ve heard on numerous times people saying to me how wonderful it must have been to live in Spain. Yes it was a fantastic journey and I loved every second of it but the sun does sometimes become a nuisance when you’re in it every single day…

When you live in a hot country you have to make a living, of course, and many jobs involved working outside due to living in a touristy area. It can be quite daunting when you feel boiling from the heat on a daily basis yet you have to stand outside everyday to earn a living: waitressing, marketing or other summer jobs that keep the Spanish coast alive for the year.

‘The grass isn’t always greener on the other side’, and that’s very true. It seems to be a common trait in human nature whereby we want what we can’t have, then when we have what we wanted it doesn’t always seem as great as we once thought. Should we just be happy with what is, no matter the weather, no matter what others have? What if we took a step back and appreciated what we have? We might be surprised.

Even when you watch the news you hear people complaining all the time about all the bad things in the world rather than focusing on what’s working and what’s positive and sharing that with others.

Don’t worry whether it’s sunny outside or rain is pouring keep happy and the rest will fall in place!
Don’t stop believing.