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You got to love love

What is the point in success if it can’t be shared with anyone?

How important is love to you, and what exactly does it mean? Love is a huge word in the dictionary – probably the biggest – and it means something different to everyone.

To begin, there are many different types of love. Love for a friend, love for a job, love for a partner/fiance/husband or wife, love for a particular genre of music and so on. We can love our animals unconditionally and even love our God with every part of us. 

‘To love is to be vulnerable.’ We are opening ourselves up to someone or something in a way that may end recklessly. When we love we are taking the risk of that love being destroyed and taken away from us, that is why it is important to not love with every part of you. Hold a bit back, because you never know what tomorrow may bring.

Numerous times I have seen people love and lose what they considered to be ‘the best thing that has ever happened to them’. It feels like your whole world is upside down when you lose that special person or thing in your life. When it becomes such a big part of it and all of a sudden it vanishes it is normal for us to feel empty. 

But time is a great healer, and as one door closes one door opens. Staying hopeful, open-minded and not wholeheartedly devoting yourself to one thing will allow you to leave room for yourself: love yourself through and through, because at the end of it all you are not going anywhere.

You got to love love.

It can bring out the best in us, and it is an amazing feeling when we meet the right person that helps us to be the best person we can be. Laughing endlessly and having jokes like best friends would do so, feeling alive when you’re around that thing or person you love are all feelings that are addictive. So wearing our hearts on our sleeves can be dangerous. 

One thing I would like to end it on: Trust cannot be expected, it has to be earned.

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Good Job I Enjoy Flying

From flying to driving a car to travelling by train to driving my boat in Spain – I love travelling. And good job too. I think I spend a quarter of my life in some form of transport.

It gives you time to think, to digest what you’ve been doing and how you’ve been performing as well as recollecting your goals and ambition. It’s a great process in my opinion, and it should be enjoyed with every part of you.

It’s not often I get time on my own to actually just ‘be’. Especially when I’m on the plane by myself jetting off to another country and I don’t really know what is in front of me, it gives me the time to prepare for what’s to come and tame the excitement.

The feeling of the unknown can be very nerve racking but I don’t think anyone should let that stop them. If you don’t explore and discover how will you ever grow? How will you ever know what’s outside your comforting box, your everyday lifestyle with the same people living in the same places?

One word to describe this unknown venture is freedom. You have no responsibilities except for you and what you would like to do, where you would like to go and who you decide to talk to. It’s an amazing feeling.

If I could become a famous travel writer I would be the happiest girl in the world. I have a passion for both aspects – writing and travelling – so the two combined would complete my life and serve my purpose. You learn so much about other cultures giving you an insight into the local people, their communication skills, way of life and general hardships and struggles. You also realise how lucky you are in certain areas and it really enhances the British way of life and how contrasting it stands in comparison to other countries like Africa.

Even Australia is a whole new world. I say it’s that far away for a reason. It has everything life has to offer and the best of it. From the lovely people, to an amazing accent, great food, the local english language, prestige beaches, top night-life, wonderful weather and the most important thing for someone of my age: an abundance of opportunities and heaps of hope for a prosperous future.

Travel, travel, travel as much as you can: it’s a whole big world out there, and it could change your life and be the making of you!

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Have we all got that ‘summer feeling’?

The sun is shining and England is being hit with a heat-wave this week – or so the weather man predicts. Faces are happier than usual, because the sun really does put people in a great mood. 

Living in a country with little sun throughout the year, we really do appreciate any sun that shines through the clouds. It gives us the chance to enjoy ‘outdoors’ time with some friends, a few cans and the music playing from the iPod speakers. 

Another element I think everyone loves about summer is the new summer hits that get released. Ed Sheeran’s new album ‘X’ was released not so long ago and that has gone viral all over the world. I listened to it yesterday and I can understand why now – it really does touch your soul!

So why is it the sun makes people happier? Can Britain be blamed for being such a gloomy place to live, allowing the weather to daunt their mood aligning with the grey skies?

It is interesting when you wonder how the weather affects somebody’s mood when there is so much more to life than that. It may be largely to do with the opportunities available to you when the sun is shining, and being able to enjoy the fresh breeze listening to the small birds chirp. Nature is beautiful, and it can mostly be enjoyed when it’s sunny Britain. 

Have we all got the summer feeling right now? Rightly so. And the  UK has so many wonderful places to visit and to be enjoyed when it is great weather. So explore and discover!


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Finding The Best In Yourself

Have you ever been forced to do something you don’t really want to do? It could have been indirect peer pressure or verbal direct words that make you feel guilty. You go ahead and follow somebody else’s dream, and before you know it you’ve hit rock bottom.

A change in your blue print is necessary at this point.

We all have expectations of ourselves in life. We see ourself as something bigger than we are always striving for success – or most of us. We reflect our voice to others and they build their perception, and when we go off target they’re quick to notice. Yet it’s interesting how people are slow in praising you and telling you ‘well done’.

Something I’ve learned over the years is that even when people have something bad to say about you, they’re still investing time and energy talking about you so – in effect – it is making you more and more powerful.

People don’t like to see others do well – or should we say the jealous sort – so you will find bad omens trying to intoxicate you with bad thoughts, ideas and theories that just don’t align with who you are as an individual. That’s why it’s great to listen, but it’s more important to make your own mind up.

The same applies to the media and political leadership opinions. Just because they have authority and a heap of power doesn’t mean they are necessarily right. We can verify this by the amount of corruption that has stemmed from political and media leaders in the past. Even now with the peadophile scandal being unravelled by people who work in the press. It’s endless.

As long as you do upon others as you would like done to you, you cannot go wrong. You will find yourself attracting the right associations for social purposes and even for opportunities. You may of been thinking about the fact you need a photographer as an associate in your life, then next thing you know you’ve met one.

That’s the wonders of being hopeful and peaceful from within.

Learning to shut off from all the noise in the world and escape into your own place of satisfaction. Whether that’s means being with the one you love who brings out the best in you, listening to your favourite artist or shying away in your bedroom with a new book.

Whatever it may be: find the best in yourself and be the best version of it!

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The Secret Tools Of Marketing

I watched a video not so long ago online about the secret tools to marketing. The video was incredible as it revealed the horrified faces when people got told just how tactical these people are at making us unconsciously want to buy something.

The revelation elevated into the food discussions and how animals are really farmed – showing uncomfortable images of innocent animals in terrible conditions. Even I found it quite painful to watch and even made me consider turning into a vegetarian for a moment.

It’s shocking really what goes into marketing and convincing people what products to by. They use clever slogans – catchy ones – that stick in our heads without us even realising. We get sucked in like sheeps behind the shepherd. The mass of people in today’s generation are guilty of the same thing.

Those in power dominate, control and steer our thoughts without us even knowing so. Half the time were just ‘following’ the rest, not even taking a moment to sit back and realise if it what what we genuinely want, or want to do.

It’s scarily true, but it just reminds us to be more cautious over our actions, control our own thoughts and not be pulled in by all the clever marketing tactics that make us think or feel otherwise.

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Doubt That Tries To Get In The Way

It troubles my mind sometimes when doubt creeps in to your mind and you begin to question everything in life. 

Why is it so unfair and divided in the world with people deprived of enough food when there is more than enough to go around to feed everyone? Am I on the right road to what I’m supposed to do? Is there more that I could be doing to help people and give something back?

It can be troubling and worrying but what one wise man once told me, all we can do is “lead by example”, and hopefully the positivity you radiate from yourself as a being will reflect onto others. 

Then I remember that we are all human and it’s quite normal for us to doubt things, the world and even the people that we associate ourselves with. 

Association has a huge effect on the way we view the world even if we fail to see it for ourselves. A ‘vision’ is shared and distilled into our minds, perhaps one that may be out of character to who we actually are and then we become influenced. 

All I know now is that we just need to take it one step at a time and not plan too far into the future because you never know what tomorrow may bring. Looking too far into the ‘long-haul’ can distract you from now, and can make us not appreciate what is in-front of us when it exists. 

When we sit back and live in the present moment there are no worries, Hakuna Matata, as they say in the very famous Lion King!

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My Zanzibar Experience

My Zanzibar experience was certainly different to anything I have ever done before. 

The island is absolutely stunning. The sand feels like gold-dust and the warm Indian Ocean is magically see-through and calm. 

I stayed at Amaan Bungalows resort which was right on the sea-front, so having my own bungalow for 5 nights was a big luxury. 

All of the staff at the resort couldn’t have done enough for me, and I would definitely recommend this resort for anyone going to Zanzibar looking to relax and un-wind. 

There were many ‘beach boys’ patrolling the beach beneath our resort, and this took some time to get used to. They were very persistent and wouldn’t take no for an answer, and I realised if I didn’t sunbath directly underneath by resort where the security guards would look after you, you would be hassled continuously by them. 

It’s a completely different way of life out there. The people lack an education, many of them have no families, no jobs, no real quality of life and everyday they’re living for survival.

Times are hard and it takes time to get used to that, as people in the Western world live a completely different life – and many of us take the simple things for granted: like having clean water all the time, electricity and a roof over our heads. 

Once I got to grips with this and learned more about the local people I could really see their struggles, and sympathised with them buying things off them and gave them some conversation.

The Masai people – the security tribe on the island who come from mainland Africa – are very different and unique, and stand out from a mile away. 

I generally kept myself to myself for the duration of my trip, but I did meet some interesting people. I met a lady from Sweden who told me many interesting stories, and we ventured out to Jozani forest where there were lots of monkeys (my favourite animal). We had a wonderful day, and we done it all through secure agents and not the ‘beach boys’. 

Another great day was spent in Stone Town as I have touched on in a previous post, and I went with a guy from Switzerland who was staying in a nearby resort and I had met him whilst climbing Mount Kilimajaro. That was very eye-opening, and I really got a taste of the African culture that day.

I met a Canadian guy called Ben too on my last night where we had a laugh, joked, exchanged stories and even got in the Indian Ocean until 3am! I had to be up early to catch my flight, so as you could imagine it was a little difficult, but it all turned out perfectly. :-) 

Africa is different. It’s a whole new world that I have never witnessed before. People in the western world have no idea what it’s like – unless they have visited Africa before – and I now feel very grateful and appreciative for my life, my family, my friends and all of the amazing commodities that surround me giving me a comfortable living. 

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